Mom of an 8th Grade Student

“Our son has been getting extra support on his school work with Mr. Voet of Life Tools Tutoring & Coaching. From learning new strategies, processes, and understandings with his math to expanding his vocabulary, spelling, and writing skills for ELA, Mr. Voet has been patient, encouraging and involved from the start.
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Parent of First Grade Student

“My son loves working with you, and we are so pleased with you and how much progress you’ve made with him over the past year. You’ve been so great for him, and we are grateful for everything you’ve taught him!”

Parent of Life Tools Student

“We appreciate ALL your help this year! We will keep you in mind if [our son] needs a little more help in the future. You were AMAZING and he enjoyed your help and company.

Parent of Life Tools Student

“We’ve been studying spiritual gifts with the kids and were talking about the gift of encouragement last week. We were trying to think of people we knew who might be living this out and our son jumped in immediately with, ‘Mr. Mike definitely is an encourager! He often has just the right thing to say.’
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Sandra, Parent of Elementary School Student

We were very impressed with the professionalism and the use of every minute of the tutoring sessions. Mike really ‘got’ our daughter, understood her needs, was realistic, but also had high expectations. Our daughter’s confidence has definitely increased and she is doing so much better in school.
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Billie Sue, Grandparent of Middle School Student

Calvin and Life Tools Tutoring were a Godsend for my 7th grade grandson. Although I knew that he had the ability, my grandson would not apply himself. This resulted in some poor grades and it also affected his self confidence in math and other subjects. Calvin and my grandson hit it off on the first day!
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Sarah, Parent of Middle School Student

Mike has been an awesome help to my 6th Grader. My son is very smart and can do A work, but needs help staying organized so he can turn stuff in on time, plan in advance for studying and projects. Tools that will benefit him through high school, college and life in general. I couldn’t do it without Mike. He’s so calm, loving and encouraging…glad he’s there to help my son and I.

Amy, Parent of High School Student

My college-bound junior was a good student, but struggling with the multiple demands imposed by high school level work as well as staying organized and on task. Mike’s tutoring helped him develop better study and organizational habits and helped him gain the confidence that he needed to recognize that he really could be successful in college. I also attribute Mike’s tutoring assistance to improving my son’s writing class grade and successfully preparing him for his AP Government test.

Kathi, Parent of Middle School Student

Before our daughter began tutoring with Mike at Life Tools, she was a C student with an occasional D or F. When we first met with the Life Tools Tutor, we expressed our concerns with her reading, writing, and math skills. We do not focus heavily on grades as parents, but we wanted to ensure that she had the educational base needed for lifetime success.
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Becky, Parent of High School Student

Thank you again for ALL you did to help our son. We couldn’t have done it without you.  I’m so proud of the young man he has become. Looking forward to seeing what the future holds for him as he goes off to college!