Kelly, Parent of Elementary School Student

My 8 year old son has some challenges with reading. I entered him into the Life Tools Tutoring & Coaching program in the fall, twice per week for 30 minute sessions and I cannot believe how his confidence in reading has improved since. He has improved so much! I can’t wait to see how much more he progresses this school year! Thanks, Beth!

Jodi, Parent of Middle School Student

Life Tools has been a true blessing to our family. Our son now enjoys reading when he once dreaded it! He looks forward to his sessions with Beth and is catching up quickly. Life Tools is very sensitive to our son’s needs and each session is made to be a fun and educational opportunity to grow. Thank you!

Kathi, Parent of Middle School Student

Before our daughter began tutoring with Mike at Life Tools, she was a C student with an occasional D or F. When we first met with the Life Tools Tutor, we expressed our concerns with her reading, writing, and math skills. We do not focus heavily on grades as parents, but we wanted to ensure that she had the educational base needed for lifetime success.
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Angela, Parent of Elementary School Student

Thank you for all that you have done for us and our son!  He even went as far as to tell me this weekend that 3rd grade was hard but 4th grade is easy now! Thank you again for everything that you have done for him!