Before our daughter began tutoring with Mike at Life Tools, she was a C student with an occasional D or F. When we first met with the Life Tools Tutor, we expressed our concerns with her reading, writing, and math skills. We do not focus heavily on grades as parents, but we wanted to ensure that she had the educational base needed for lifetime success.

The Life Tools Tutor spoke with us about building her confidence and giving her a taste of success. He believed strongly that once she started to do well in school, she would have the desire to continue to do well. That is exactly what happened! After only 8 weeks of tutoring, her grades were all A’s and B’s! She has more confidence in not only her school work, but also in her everyday life. Her goal for next quarter is all A’s!

We appreciate Life Tool’s positive attitude and hard work. We truly feel that Life Tools has made a tremendous impact on our daughter and we appreciate your contribution to her success!

Kathi, Parent of Middle School Student