Knowing my daughter has significant anxiety related to school and schoolwork, Mike gently eased her into the planned activities using games and helping to calm her by giving her the building blocks she would need to be successful with both the task at hand and those upcoming.

Mike asked for our input throughout the process, but seemed to work through his own plan for her tutoring and had great success. When goals were met, new goals were made, so that there was a continued motivation to grow and progress.

We have been so pleased with Life Tools Tutoring; after only 20 sessions, she is an ENTIRELY different kid, with an entirely different attitude toward math and toward school overall. We are so very, very grateful for the work Life Tools has done and the impact they’ve made on our daughter. It will have life-long effects on not only her academic skills but also her self-confidence and her ability to work through problems that come along.

Stephanie, Parent of Elementary School Student